Internet Radio – Non Stop Music At No Cost

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You may not have heard of e-radio, web radio, net radio or streaming radio, but you will undoubtedly have heard of internet radio. Internet radio is the latest trend for a wide variety of people who enjoy listening to audio entertainment, whether it is news, sport, speech, games, quizzes or music of any genre. Traditionally available by terrestrial radio, the growth of the internet has now embraced these pastimes and pleasures and offers more variety and greater reach than traditional radio.

Most people have access to at least one computer, be it desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet or smartphone and most homes have internet access. Even the older generations are becoming computer savvy and are happy to manipulate the keyboard to access information, pay bills or access online services. This is all that is required to take advantage of Internet Radio and the extra benefits it brings to radio listening.

I am pleased to say that domestic radio manufacturers have kept up with this fast changing world and have brought out new digital radios that as well as offering the normal AM/FM/DAB wavebands, also incorporate internet connectivity and internet radio tuners. A typical digital radio incorporating these features is illustrated in the following video:

To use the AM/FM/DAB wavebands on these internet radios you still need to be in line-of-site of the transmitting source, but the internet radio output is available anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection.

At the last count, there are over 20,000 internet radio channels available across the internet, emanating from most countries in the world, offering music content of every genre, sub-genre and even sub-sub-genre. Most of these stations operate 24/7, but sometimes it is time zone differences that will give you local overnight coverage.

The very nature of this new medium means that the output is free to receive. Internet radio stations are mainly small, run by a single person or small committee who do it because they love doing it. They are usually supported only by voluntary donation or by charitable communities. It is not a costly exercise for them as equipment is cheap and easily obtainable.

This means that if you are seeking access to round the clock music of any genre from classical concerts to rock gigs, country to jazz, swing to folk and any world artist you know may know of, the you will find with Internet Radio and it will be completely free of cost.

Internet Radio is the place to be, and if you want to go there and are not sure where to start, then visit to find information on the free online radio stations currently available and the best place to obtain them.

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