Mistakes To Avoid When Developing A Custom Website Design

Plenty of businesses, big and small, have invested in creating websites for their companies in the hopes of gaining a competitive edge over their rival enterprises. Websites can expand ones reach into the international markets and bring forth more awareness for the brand and conversions that boost profits.

The best business sites come with a reasonable investment; one of which comes in the form of payments to a qualified web designer. But there are plenty of mistakes people make when hiring these professionals.

Here are some of them. Hopefully, youll avoid them the next time you think about having a custom website design developed for your business.

1. Scrimping on salaries/professional fees

Always keep in mind that you are paying for professional services here. Web designers are paid to develop unique sites from scratch. You are investing in your website to increase your sales, so you want a site capable of achieving conversions. As the saying goes, you get what you paid for and the same concept applies here.

2. Overpaying the designer

Even if its not advisable to try shortchanging the designer, you should also remember that overpaying for services is also unacceptable. In the case of a business site, the cost should be determined based on the types of services that will be provided and the quality of the site that will be delivered.

3. Expecting your designer to code

Many people make this terrible mistake of expecting too much from a website designer. In general, a web designer is someone who will come up with the best possible design for your page. This involves determining how the landing pages will look, what components or functionalities to consider, how the layout will run, and what other aesthetic elements will be included. Programming is not included in a designers list of services, unless he offers the service to you.

4. Focusing too much on the design

Although the design of the page is extremely important, you should always think about the conversion factor of your page. You are developing a site to generate money, and so you need to have a site that will do just that. Design is important, but functionality and appeal are equally important.

5. Missing out on social media

Social media is something your site should be able to accommodate. Your web designer should figure out a way to integrate various channels to your site, enabling your customers to know about and access your other business accounts.

6. Opting out of a content management system

You should also avoid not having a CMS created for your company together with the site. The CMS will allow you to make updates to any of your on-site content the moment you need to make any changes. With a CMS, you can make updates to any of the landing pages without having to ask for the help of your designer.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can help make sure that your custom website design will be developed as intended.

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