The Best Streaming Video Recorder For Windows

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If you were not able to watch your favorite show, you dont need to worry at all. Perhaps you arrived home late or something came up and you were not able to come home fast. If you missed an episode of your favorite shows or movie, you can just record it and watch it later. There are streaming video recorders that can help you do that. However, not all streaming video recorders are the same. Some may not provide the features you need. If you are looking for the best streaming video recorder, you may want to check out the WM Recorder.

Why WM Recorder is the Best Streaming Video Recorder?
The WM Recorder is the easiest way to download and convert audio and videos from the internet. For unencrypted websites, you can open the software and play the video or audio and it can be downloaded to your computer at up to 50x speed. For encrypted or protected videos, just use the screen recording mode of the software to record the videos on your screen.

Stream downloading andscreen recording can be done at the same time. You will also love the fact that the software has a built-in audio recorder that you can use to record audio. Videos can be converted into MP3 files. You can also save encrypted or protected videos legally and convert them into popular audio or video formats.

The WM Recorder allows you to schedule live recordings and get rid of advertisements from recording sessions. You can resume recordings and record several streams at once. It is also possible to merge and split recordings using the built-in converter. You can rewind, preview and pause live Flash streams as well as automatically reconnect for recording popular broadcasts.

If you want to convert files using the media file converter, you only need to right-click a file and you can convert it into popular audio and video formats such as WMV, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and MP3. If you love YouTube, youll like the fact that the WM Recorder offers excellent YouTube support. You can download several YouTube videossimultaneously at up to 50x speed. The WM Recorderallows you to create a list of YouTube videos youve already watched then go back and download them. You can also convert YouTube videos into MP3 files in high quality.


The WM Recorder is one of the best streaming video recorders today. It allows you to capture audio and video and then convert them into popular formats on your computer. This program can be used to record and convert music videos, streaming music, corporate webcasts, news feeds as well as radio broadcasts.

You can trial the program for free before commit to it, so its highly recommend that you trial it to know their actual functionalities.

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