Cameras for you in 2016

The year 2016 is still young and full of expectation. For camera lovers we are looking forward to a battle of optics. But what should we expect? What should we buy? Well that is where rumors sound beneficial because we will know what to expect.

Sony rumors: Sony’s DSLR-style SLT cameras are still going, but for how much longer? 2016 could see the last updates to its A99, A77 and A58 models. But the future for Sony mirrorless cameras looks rosier – we could see new A6100, A7000 and A5200 models in 2016.

Fuji rumors: Fuji has announced a new sensor in 2016. This appears in the X-Pro2 and we expect for this to ripple through its X-mount range, continuing into the X-T2 and X-E3. Fuji’s classic X100 compact is surely due for an upgrade too, perhaps re-emerging as a brand new X200.

Panasonic rumors: A new Panasonic GH5 is our top tip for 2015 – Panasonic has enjoyed a lot of success in professional circles with the GH4 and its 4K video capabilities, but Sony in particular is catching up, so Panasonic will surely react.

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So what happens to everyone else who is not a DSLR enthusiast, do we have anything to look forward to? Well there is good news in terms of smartphone cameras. Indeed you can take great photos with your phone so let us see which phone is offering the best.

LG V10

Packed to the brim with features, the V10 is LG’s best smartphone yet. But if you don’t need two front cameras and dual displays, look elsewhere for something less expensive.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6S Plus has a few key advantages that give it an edge for serious iPhone users, but its big body still may not fit for a lot of people.

Apple iPhone 6S


The newest iPhones are top-to-bottom better phones with lots of enhancements; iPhone 6 owners don’t need the upgrade, but everyone else should seriously consider it.

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If you love sports, adventure or action be it on land or water you need something to capture the moment. Such activities require compact and well-built cameras that can withstand harsh weather and intense action. So let us see what you can get.

GoPro Hero4 Black

If you’re looking for a powerful, fully comprehensive action cam, then look no further than GoPro’s Hero4 Black. It’s completely waterproof and durable, which means it will survive in even the harshest of conditions. Video can be recorded all the way up to 4K, and it can also take photos up to 12MP. Battery life varies depending on what settings you’re using, but GoPro estimates you’ll get one-three hours of use.

Garmin VIRB Elite

This action cam can record video at varying resolutions up to Full HD (1080p), and has a battery life that lasts a good three hours of use. What sets it apart is that it has a built-in low powered viewfinder making it easy to find the perfect shot and playing back your video when you’re done recording.

It’s also waterproof and rugged, takes 16MP photos, and connects to your smartphone for various remote functions.

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