E-recycling As A Growing Industry: How To Choose Your Secured E-recycling Service Provider

With continuous technological innovation, businesses have become highly dependent on electronics and gadgets for their day-to-day operations. What comes with the fast-paced environment these days is the increasing amount of electronic wastes produced by different organizations and companies. With this, e-recycling has been a growing industry.
If your organization is looking for help in the disposal of electronic devices and and destruction of data archives and electronic assets through secured e-recycling, there are many available service providers in the market. To guide you, here are the things that you should check and consider when looking for electronic and data recycling services:

With the presence of different industries, different recycling services are also available in the market. Depending on the kind of waste your company produces, you should look for services that exactly suit your needs. Some of these services include data wiping, hard drive shredding, deinstallation, electronic asset disposal and many others.

These kinds of services can also be provided on-site or through the facility owned by the recycling company. There are also companies that could do both. Whether you need their service in or outside of your organization’s premises, be sure that e-recycling protocols will be followed.

End-to-end disposal and recycling process: For the security of your assets for disposal, getting familiarized with the entire process is highly important. Keep in mind that security of your company’s information is dependent on how they will handle your electronic waste. From pickup to dismantling and recycling, everything should be handled by well-trained staff.

To ensure the quality of services and the security of your organization’s information, there are regulatory boards that create policies for the disposal of electronic wastes and data. Make sure that the service provider you will hire abide by the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and other local and federal organizations.

At the end of the process, proper documentation should be provided. A certification of the completion of the process should also be secured. It is a great plus if the company could also provide videos for auditing and inspection.

A good e-recycling service does not have to come with a hefty price tag. There are companies out there that could provide you secured services with reasonable prices. Before entering into an agreement, make sure to ask for price and service quotations from service providers. It is advisable to analyze the services provided and compare.

In considering the price, aside from the main recycling services, you should also assess the customer service. Since it is the valuable information of your organization that is at stake here, you need a company that could promptly and accurately provide responses to your inquiries.

And lastly, do not forget to look for an e-recycling service provider that is committed to saving the environment. Compliance to environmental policies should be thoroughly checked. Electronics and other wastes should be recycled. In looking for recycling services, make sure that the company you will hire is not one of those companies that just dispose of wastes on landfills.

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