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Everyone loves that feeling that their home is safe. Well thanks to advancement in optical technology you now watch what is going on in your home. To most people this means CCTV cameras but actually there is something even better.

The alternative was an IP camera which required a computer science degree to install and configure for access over the internet, and therefore few people bought them. These days servers and the ‘cloud’ are used to make it simple to set up a camera and view its video feed from anywhere in the world.

You also benefit from cloud storage with some cameras, so any evidence is save online and is safe from thieves who might steal your camera.

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You should not just get a security camera for the sake of having one. Go for quality. Check the lenses as well as the sensors.

Choosing the Right Lens

The lens is what gathers the light for the sensor. Everything the viewer sees, or that gets recorded on the DVR comes through the lens. It determines the distance at which a car’s number plate can be read, and a face can be recognised because the lens controls focus. In many cases, a better lens is more helpful than a higher output resolution, as the output is always limited by the input, and the lens determines the input.

Buyers should also look for a zoom lens. Some CCTV cameras come with digital zoom, where others have optical zoom, handled by the lens. Whenever possible, buyers should opt for optical over digital zoom. The problem with digital zoom is that it provides no more information than was in the original image. Optical zoom can actually add new information as it changes which light reaches the sensor.


Choosing the Right Sensor

Not all digital sensors are created equal. There are two main things to look for when studying the sensor specifications of a given CCTV camera: the first is the sensor type, the second is the sensor size. Most CCTV sensors are either CMOS or CCD. CMOS is less expensive and uses less power than CCD, but it is less sensitive and does not produce as clear an image, which can be particularly problematic when using the camera for identification purposes. One result of this is that CMOS-based sensors require more signal processing to produce a clear image.

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Do you have a phone that you no longer use? Well if you do then you can now put the phone into good use by turning it into a security camera. All you need is an app and you are ready to go.

Security camera app for Android

The situation is very similar on Android. Despite so many options to choose from, one of the best security camera applications available is IP Webcam. There is a lite version available completely free of charge, but you will need to purchase the Pro version of the app for $3.99 to unlock all features.

IP Webcam broadcasts both locally and over the cloud using a service called Ivideon, so you can view your stream, live, from anywhere.

To setup your Android phone as a security camera:

Download IP Webcam from Google Play to the old device.

Launch IP Webcam and set your video preferences, effects, power management settings, and motion or sound detecting, if desired.

To broadcast the stream remotely, register or sign in to Ivideon, test compatibility and enable the cloud stream.

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