Photo Booth Printing Which Printer Can Ensure You The Best Results?

The very basic things which decides the success of a photo booth is the quality of the prints which come out of it. A good camera and photo editing software may contribute towards getting a good image in hand, but what if the printer you have is of substandard quality?

Even with the popularity of social media and online photo sharing, the value of printed photos is still the same. It is because a printed image is tangible, one can touch and feel it, and can also be taped on to the refrigerator to be seen and commented by others.

So, the most popular question when people think of hiring photo booths is which is the best printer to choose for photo booths? The decision making in this regard has to be done based on the quality and reliability of the printer.

It is not just the physical size of the printer or the printer colour to go well with the overall theme of the booth to be considered, but check the make, mechanism, and also try out some sample prints to decide which to choose. Here, we will discuss about three of the most popular models available in the market lately.


Sinfonia claims to be the smallest and lightest photo printer in the world. You can get professional quality prints from this photo booth printer, which is also very quicker and easier to operate.

The shell of the printer is so sturdy and durable by considering the bit extra weight of the printer. The printer is also a perfect fit for photo booths, which require small footprints. Sinfonia also offers a bonus of free 30-day trial of Darkroom Software.

* DNP DS40

DNP DS40 has remained a very popular choice among photo booth printers. The recent models have introduced 2×6 strip cut format, which is also the best in class by ensuring optimum print quality.

Tonal gradation and the flesh-to-neutral colour balancing offered by DS40 printer is also second to none. As in case of the former, shell strength of this printer also makes it more durable.


Each printer discussed here has its own unique specifications and personality traits which make them suitable for different photo booth printing tasks. When it comes to DSRX1, the projecting personalities of this machine is its print quality with perfect weight and size. It can offer an output of 700 prints in a single roll with 4×6 print capacity.

When the printers of this capacity usually weights over 40 pounds, DSRX1 only weighs 30 pounds, which makes it much easier to handle. Considered as one among the best in the budget category, this printer is of great value if you appreciate low-cost printing in large volumes.

Online printing is also a feasible option to consider while you are thinking of cheap printing, but when it comes to instant photo booth printing, this is not advisable if you want to give off a copy of the photos to your guests then and there.

While hiring the photo booth service for your party event, along with the model of the camera and type of software which people used to check, always be mindful about the printers too to get the fullest benefits of a photo booth. Hope the above information helps you to do a better printer selection.

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